A Bit Of A Shambles

by The Austin Francis Connection

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The First EP from The Austin Francis Connection. Recorded at Photogenetic in Castleford.


released January 8, 2006

All Tracks written by E Johnston, M Finney & J Hobbs apart from Can You See The Stars written by E Johnston featuring a sample from "Kill me Quickly Please" by Duke Special used with kind permission.



all rights reserved


The Austin Francis Connection Nottingham, UK

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Track Name: Home Cooking
So Hello and welcome to the latest in the series
Today we’re gonna show you one of my latest recipes
As we whisk together a rhyme with a beat
With a splash of a bounce to make it taste a little sweeter
Than it might have done before we’ve changed the content just a little
Where before there was a dash, we’ve changed that into a trickle
But it’s pretty much the same I hope you really like this session
So let me introduce you to this serving suggestion.
The first thing we need to do, is we need to sit and chill
The ingredients won’t mix if we don’t let them sit still
For a minute -Is there rum in it? - Well there’s certainly a kick
But that may just be a sample more than any other nip
So put the oven on high to make sure this tune’s hot
Put the bass into the mixer and just whiz it up – STOP!
I’ve forgotten something, I’m sure I have, I put it where?
Oh yeah, behind the sugar – I forgot to add the snare!

C’Mon Everybody, and have a little taste
The beats & the rhymes & the flavour we create
We come together, the icing on the cake
Turn the heat up - the cherry on top to decorate

So let me show you how we make this let me guide you through the method
When all the lyrics fit together, it blends so much better
Kind of binds the ingredients and keeps the jam tighter
(want to scribble that down? Fine – it’s not a secret Cypher!)
Now where were we? Ah yes, after the words add the bassline
Then lace one onto the other ‘til you think it sounds primed
And ready for energy… Now this is the crucial section
Clear the surface, Roll your sleeves up, and add your beat selection
It’s important you make sure you find exactly the right kind
Of flavour to enhance the lines you’ve written with a vibe
Get the hook line flowing right & you’ve nearly got it finished
We’re nearly there – Let’s summarise – Rewind to the beginning
Take a dash of a bounce & a pinch of a rhythm
Whatever lyrics you’ve got, make ‘em hot and blend them in
Take the rhythm & the bass – make sure that it’ll boom
Then fire up the cooker – VOILA! You got a tune!

Track Name: Real Live MC Flavour
Real Live MC Flavour
I twist styles from those I once gave ya
Real Live MC Flavour
Don’t matter if it’s minor or major
Real Live MC Flavour
I got no Ice, no Benz & no pager
Real Live MC Flavour
Check the Shambolic Hiphop behaviour

I run rabbit when I’m sensing danger, lyrically dextrous rhymes’ll amaze ya
I work hard so I’m avoiding failure, shooting words out like a space invader,
Turn up the EQ and flip the fader, I’m like Yogi escaping park ranger,
Hot and fresh like the cookies mom made ya, step to the mike like a secondary nature…


I slice through like a cut throat razor, a shining light like an underground caver,
Done to the nines like a tie and blazer, with this Shambles we’re doing you a favour,
More stunning than a Star Trek Phaser, a little rhyme scribbled down on paper,
Nice & smooth with a taste to savour, if I’m driving don’t know where I’ll take ya…


I’ve got the winning smile to engage ya, streamlined like a Raleigh racer,
Fronting up like a lion tamer, serve you up like a high class waiter,
I’d like to paint a masterpiece like a painter, but I’d only mess it up I would wager,
So I’ll just smooth it out like sandpaper, this is the Shambles you can relate ta…
Track Name: Can You See The Stars?
Waking up again detaching brain from its REM, his memory complains, it’s no longer a game
As eyes start to register focus gets clearer, Clarity’s drawn in, Reality’s nearer
Face to face with concrete kissing the sidewalk, As his head pounds, he’s inhaling asphalt,
A night like no other by other people’s standards but the hangover’s an old friend just like he planned it
A couple of drinks to forget about the day, forget about his work and forget about the way
That they speak to him, sneak around as if he wasn’t there, when he’s remembered it’s like they never even cared
A shambles, you’d think he might piece it all together, but something’s shaken focus and messed it up forever
Where did it all go wrong? He’s at a loss to think, Memory’s all blurred so he uncorks another drink.

Can you see the stars holding up the sky?
If you free your heart I’ll make you mine

She stirs, and wonders if the stinging she can feel is from a nightmare she had but then figures it’s for real
As the marks tell a tale and a story for the viewer, all the plot lines blur as the motives obscure
She never thought it through just seemed a good idea, when she was younger she’d never given in to the fear
But now she’s older – wiser? Not necessarily, she knew that the scars were never meant to be
But sometime the pain she felt helped to take away the pain, and when she’s trapped the scissors fall into her hands again
It’s gotta stop – until the next time she feels alone and uncertain so she reaches for the steel
Then she hides ashamed to confess to the world that while she’s grown inside she’s still a little girl
Needing love and affection, a pair of open arms to hold her safe, and protect her from harm

Can you see the stars holding up the sky?
If you free your heart I’ll make you mine

Done it again, gone done it again,
You could ask me but I know I couldn’t explain
I’ll still be the same way at the end of the day
I need a killer to take away the pain
Track Name: Revolution Praise
I want to revolutionise my style of praise
Created from here not back in the days I raise
My game and while I’m spitting the syllables
I claim the stage and eliminate the critical
I “pity the fool” who can’t see where I’m coming from
A hip hop head with no weed and no shotgun
I’m just having fun so when I bust a lyric
Try to make it clear so that everyone can hear it

Can I get a clap, Can I get a Soul Clap….

So can you feel it? (What?!) the vibe like a duvet
Smothering your senses make it feel all smooth
And tingly inside – I try to make it warm & fuzzy
Make it look all cute like a fuzzy duck (Does he?!)
I like to write lines with a paper & a pen
Messing with rhythms & sticking the rhymes at the end
But don’t let me see you with that look in your eye
I don’t want to see you yawn & I don’t want to see you cry
I’m starting to fly & flow like the Niagra Falls
Cos above it all I guess it’s the words that I do it for
The underlying motifs and backmasking schemes
Interpreting images and translating dreams
The themes I create make shapes on audio tapes
But don’t let me miss a beat or turn up late
I’m breaking pace, changing the look on my face
Take the rhythms I’m given & turn them into praise
Track Name: Same as it ever was
There’s a certain kind of constancy a certain kind of dependency
That comes from the way the lock always fits the key
That comes from the way that the clocks guaranteed to chime
That the sentence after next will always result in a rhyme
It’s reliable, a guarantee that each and every Friday
Some drunken soul will stumble past mumbling the words to my way
That somehow the guy always ends up with the girl
It’s as constant as the sun bringing shadows to the world

Same as it ever was
Same as it ever was
Same as it ever was
Same as it ever was

Like flowers growing further up & up into the sky
And like the ultimate statistic that everything’ll die
Like the tides going out and every sun that’s ever set
You can time your watch by accurist that Jumbo’ll never forget
It’s as perfect as the mountains, eternal as the seas
Just like every single circle has 360 degrees
Just like Columbo will always work out every clue
You can always rely on my love for you

Same as it ever was
Same as it ever was
Same as it ever was
Same as it ever was

I’ll always be here whenever you need me
I’ll always search for you when I need someone to turn to
I’ll always find you if I need a friend
I’ll always love you all the way to my days end.